Welcome to Hungerford Food Community!

What do we do?

We are a community organisation that believes that the choices we make about the food we buy and eat can have a huge affect on our health (mental and physical), our environment and our local economy.

We also believe that cooking is an important life skill that has dwindled in recent generations resulting in a reliance on take-away meals and fast food that tends to be low in nutrition and often high in calories and cost.

We want to have a positive impact throughout the year on food education for the families of Hungerford and also want to increase our support of local producers, businesses and the community.


To this end, we aim to provide year round food, nutrition and cookery experiences in and around Hungerford. 

This includes:

  • Monthly Food & Artisan Markets that support local and seaonal produce and inspire visitors to cook with live cookery demonstrations
  • Cookery lessons for pre-school families, primary and secondary school students, and adults of all ages (Please contact us if you would like us to provide cookery lessons for your group).
  • Encouraging people to grow their own as well as cook for themselves. We have plant and seed swaps at all our markets.
  • Promoting cooking and eating as a social event with mental health benefits at our Community Cook-Ins (next one is Sat 29  July) which bring people together to cook with ingredients that would otherwise go to waste.
  • Encouraging people to cook more from scratch, especially when on a budget and moving to a more plant-based diet that is good for the planet.
  • Encouraging fruit harvesting and cooking /juicing to minimise the amount of fruit that goes to waste in Hungerford gardens (80% of garden apples are wasted annually in the UK). We bring an apple press to Hungerford in October and take it round groups who want to make their own juice.
  • Demonstrating best practice for separating food waste and composting it where possible.
  • Supporting local start-up businesses and community groups like Shalbourne Community Growers.  
  • Where fees are charged, keeping them as low as possible to support small local food businesses.
  • Funding for ovens and cookery equipment at Hungerford Primary School and Hungerford Nursery School.
  • Encouraging people to minimise food waste by using up leftovers, dried bread etc
  • Collection of foil and cans for recycling by Hungerford Rotary.

We are kindly supported by Hungerford Town Council and Greenham Trust who will match fund your donations to us on the Good Exchange here.