Haloumi & Tsatsiki Pita Bread

Thanks to Fink Street Food for this great recipe that they brought to Hungerford Primary School. The Year 6s loved it.


1 pitta bread
Third block of halloumi (you can also use paneer cheese)
Cooking olive oil
Spices optional (paprika, turmeric, cumin, coriander)


Half tomato
Quarter pepper
2 inches of iceberg lettuce

Chop or slice as small as possible


I tblpn Greek yoghurt
10 cucumber with core removed
½ tspn garlic puree
Dried mint
Pinch of salt and pepper

Put cucumber in a strong plastic bag and seal. Smash with rolling pin until skin has pulverized into approx. 1cm square pieces (or grate cucumber) Pour into a bowl and stir with yoghurt, garlic puree, salt and pepper.


Slice halloumi into 2 – 5mm slices. Saute in oil, sprinkle with spices and turn until golden.


Slice in half and warm in oven or toaster until soft and flexible enough to open pocket. Carefully open pocket without splitting.


Fill pita bread with salad, haloumi and then spoon tsatsiki sauce over the top.




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